Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Food Competition!

So you've been following my blog for a while... You've learned how to make a hormonally balanced meal.. You see
the recipes that I post and think "I could do something like that but better!" Here is your chance!


The Vegetarian's review is having a cook off!! Here are the rules:

1) The recipes have to be Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian friendly. Meaning eggs and cheese are ok.
2) The recipes should be hormonally balanced. See the post
3) All recipes must be posted to the FaceBook Discussion group, Facebook Fan page (here is the Facebook link:, or in the comments in the blog post.
4) The Meals must be zone friendly so they must be 5 block meals (+/- 4 grams for each macro nutrient). Meals that are not will be automatically disqualified.
5) You can submit as many recopies as you want
6) I will be the only judge
7) I have to be be able to make the food so please try to suggest ingredients I can find at Kroger/Whole Foods/Trader Joe's
8) If you have more question please post them to the FB page or the comments section.
9) The competition will be judged in 2 categories:
1)Taste (80%)
2)Ease of assembly (aka time it takes and availability of the ingredients) (20%)
10) Submissions must be made by September 30.

Good luck!

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