Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eating On The Go Part II

By popular demand here are some more options for eating vegetarian on the go. See "What do I eat when I'm in a hurry?" posted on Monday September 14, 2009 for more options.

Subway veggie patty on a salad (NO BREAD!). This has egg whites so it's not vegan but it's a great option for other vegetarians. For men or women just have 1 patty on a salad.

Burger King BK veggie with 1 slice of cheese. For women take off half the the bun and eat it that way. For men eat the whole sandwich and add another patty or another slice of cheese. DO NOT eat anything else with the sandwich. Not vegan due to egg whites

If anyone has other suggestions please put them in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Why oh why do mfg's put egg in stuff? If they would find an alternative and skip it, it would open up their market in a big way.

Walter said...

Jimmy Johns veg sandwich on whole wheat bread, whole foods or other supermarkets have salad bars..whole foods as the 5 bean salad

Ankit Patel said...

Anon, I agree with you that it would be nice for some vegan options. You still have choices like Moe's and Willy's (if they are available in your area and you like Mexican food). The best option though would be the whole foods bistro!

The jimmy Jon's sandwich is good but try it without the bread. Also the Whole foods salad and hot bar are great just be sure to eat tofu or soy as your protein source. Beans are treated like a carbohydrate in your body so you want some dense protein. Try the bistro at whole foods as well.


Walter said...

how about some ideas of protein and crossfiting??

guess I always saw protien amount in beans vs protein amount in veggie patties being the equal and not how the body uses it


Walter said...

oh and I am only 4months crossfitter and 5 months vegitarian... I did go back to eating fish (as per doctors request) but trying to learn to eat soy and tofu. I hear too much soy for men is not good. why so many differnt reports and ideas? :)

Ankit Patel said...

There are some issues with soy but all the issues are inconclusive at this time. The issue with soy and men is that the theory says soy prevents testosterone from being absorbed by your body so the estrogen you have naturally in your body is at a higher portion relative to the testosterone that is absorbed. Not a good thing.

Here are some other good protein sources for you. 1) Fish 2) Eggs 3) whey protein (lactose free) 4) low fat cheese (but cut back on carbs when you use this as your protein source) 4) Soy/Tofu

The reason why you need to cut back with dairy as a protein is because of lactose (if you find lactose free whey that is the best!)

Congrats on your crossfit!! I've been doing it for about 1 year and zoning for 10 months. All my major improvements came after I went zone with dense protein sources (listed above sources). I'll be honest there isn't much variety but it can be done :)