Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recipe: Balanced Smoothie

I've been talking a lot about food but haven't given any recipes. So today I want to share with you a great smoothie recipe which is great for a meal. I'll give you a woman's portion, a man's portion, and what I eat (I heavy workout routine so this is the recipe you will want if you have an intense workout plan)


Women's Portion

Men's Portion

Ankit's Portion


1 cup

1 ½ cups

2 cups


1 cup

1 ¼ cups

1 cup

Peanut Butter*

1 ½ tablespoons

2 tablespoons

2 tablespoons

Soy Protein**

20 grams

27 grams


EAS 3 Protein Blend**



36 grams

*Only use natural or organic peanut butter. NO ADDITIVES LIKE SUGAR

**Use soy, egg I use a 3 blend (soy, casein, whey protein) because I've learned what my body can handle. Starting off I recommend using soy or egg protein. DO NOT USE 100% Whey with this recipe. SEE TOMMOROWS BLOG FOR THE REASON WHY.


Mix the fruit (frozen or fresh) into the blender slowly.

Add water/ice as needed to get the right texture.

Add in protein powder.

Add in peanut butter.



-Being vegetarian can taste good

-DO NOT use 100% whey powder in this recipe at first. Tomorrow's blog will explain why.


Hiral said...

What is a good soy protein to use? I've been using 100% Whey protein for a post-workout snack but you say that's not a good idea, due to insulin spikes. What other protein powders are good to use as a post-workout snack?

Ankit Patel said...

So there are exceptions and I'll go over those at some time in the future. If you are using whey in a post workout setting that is ok if you did some heavy weight lifting and really tore the muscles. The reason being is that when insulin spikes during post workout then your muscles act like a sponge and just absorb more of the protein you take into your body.
1) you can use whey if you do a heavy weight lifting workout or a workout that really tears/builds your muscles.
2) Everyone's body is different so play with the amount of protein and carbs you intake after a workout.
3) For soy protein i say just go to the vitamin shop and pick up a 100% soy powder