Friday, July 31, 2009

Weighing In On Whey (And Other Dairy Products)

Yesterday I left with a cliffhanger... ok well maybe not a cliffhanger but I did mention not to make the smoothie recipe with 100% whey protein. You might be asking yourself "why not." The answer is simple. INSULIN!! In the very first blog I talked about how food is like a drug and carbs control insulin, protein controls glucagon and fats control eicosanoids.

It turns out that milk and milk products like whey and cheese act like both a protein and carbohydrate. Meaning if you were to make the shake from yesterday's recipe with 100% whey, you would have had too much insulin production in your body. (Note everyone's body is different and you should always consult with a doctor before making changes in your diet.) Too much insulin is a bad thing. It can lead to several things like weight gain and Type 2 diabetes.


-Milk and milk products (whey, yogurt, cheese, etc) act like a carbohydrate and a protein in your body stimulating BOTH insulin and glucagon.

-Too much insulin will make you tired and can cause you to gain weight and be prone to type 2 diabetes

-Yesterday's recipe with 100% whey protein would cause too much insulin production and would not be recommended

-Tomorrow’s blog: Insulin "Friend" or "Foe"

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