Thursday, August 20, 2009

Silent Inflammation: What Does It Mean And How Does It Tie Into Vegetable Oil and Bread? Part I

I've talked repeatedly about the zone diet and eating a certain ratio of fat to protein to carbs in your diet. I've had some explanation but everything I've said has been from Dr. Barry Searsbooks. The first of three videos I'm posting today are Dr. Barry Sears speaking to the crossfitcommunity about how diet ties into health, what is silent inflammation (classical inflammation is what happens when you get a cut when it hurts and swells), and how all this ties together with diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and a list of many other diseases.

The videos are less than 10 min each and are full of good information.

Thank you to Polo Lopez of crossfitcft for posting these videos.


-Next time you’re eating notice what you’re eating.

-Pay attention to the next meal you eat (especially if you are on an East Indian diet). How much vegetable oil and carbs are you eating?


Walter said...

good piece

Ankit Patel said...

I absolutely agree!! I see your part of the crossfit community as well. I'll be posting the other 2 videos over the next two posts but I'm guessing you've seen them as well :)