Sunday, August 16, 2009

Video Summary

I hope you got to watch the video posted on Friday. I wanted to just share some main points from the video but please watch it if you get a chance.

  • Excess insulin production leads to weight gain
  • Just because you eat less doesn’t mean you will lose weight. If you eat less food your body will automatically reduce its energy output. Most diets are "eat less- lose weight" formulas and the reality is that if you eat less you will burn less calories so it is a very difficult way to lose weight.
  • The research that shows excess insulin is the cause of weight gain came to light right before WWII by Germany and Austria. After WWII the research was largely ignored primarily because it was from Germany.

What does all this mean if you’re a vegetarian? WATCH YOUR CARBOHYDRATE INTAKE! Most vegetarians eat too many carbs and carbs have a direct impact on your insulin production.


-Watch the video if you can

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